Compromisos con la campaña Poder para niñas y adolescentes

Compromisos destacados

Let Girls Rise

  • Ecuador

Principales áreas de trabajo

  • Educación
  • Justicia y Derechos humanos

Apoyo la campaña Poder para niñas y adolescentes desde la educación, educarlas en libertad de derechos y responsabilidades para el uso de sus cuerpos y capacidades, en su derecho a decidir. Por eso nos enfocamos en la educación, porque sin educación será imposible luchar contra los MUITF.

Mary Robinson

  • Ireland

I support Power to Girls by committing empowering girls. We must address the issue of poverty and marginalisation, which lead to child marriage. We need to recognise that COVID has had a very real effect around the world of increasing the number of people in poverty and therefore increasing child marriage. Let's also work together to make sure girls in Afghanistan don’t get pushed into marriage and can stay in school

Jóvenas Latidas

  • Argentina

Principales áreas de trabajo

  • Educación
  • Justicia y Derechos humanos
  • Desarrollo Sostenible

Our Power to Girls commitment is to work with girls in vulnerable contexts and ensure they have access to tools that enable them to build their own projects in life. We have seen the importance of working with them to envision what they dream of, what they want, and work with them to ensure that they have the tools to make this happen. Girls must be able to dream of their possibilities and not be affected by VAWG. Give visibility to the problem.

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VOW for Girls

  • Estados Unidos

Principales áreas de trabajo

  • Educación
  • Salud
  • Justicia y Derechos humanos
  • Disminución de la pobreza

We will support Power to Girls by partnering with at least two major brands in 2022 to raise funds that will go directly to community-driven efforts to end child marriage. These partnerships will also raise awareness of the issue to help ensure no child is ever a bride and every girl can live a life she loves.

Athena Network

  • Zambia

I commit to use my voice, speaking on behalf of others and continuing working on the issue. We will continue to collectively use our skills and voice to end child marriage.

World Health Organization

Principales áreas de trabajo

  • Salud

I commit that I will do everything in my power to ensure that WHO continues the work it has done on child marriage for 10 years plus now, and builds on this. I will also do – what I have done – give young women from the South, opportunities to work for and with WHO, and to grow and develop in the process.

Terre des Hommes

  • Reino Unido

Our commitment to work alongside all the allies in this space to reinforce true intergenerational partnership. There can be nothing about girls without girls. We need to create spaces where girls are able to express their views and ensure that adults listen!

Gee Twists Films Production Company

  • Kenia

I commit to serve as a creative ambassador and alley to help change attitudes in the community.

Tanzania National End Child Marriage Coalition

  • Tanzania

I commit to call on leaders to meet the commitments made in the Maputo Protocol in the AU instruments to end child marriage by 2030.

SIDA, Sweden

  • Suecia

SIDA will support Power to Girls as a donor through investment in key sectors including education, health and SRHR and support for civil society organisations who work with children and young women to liberate the power they hold, and in line with the feminist foreign policy commitments of the government of Sweden we will advocate for an end to child marriage and policies that respect the right of girls’ and boys’ to decide over their own bodies and lives.

National Institute for Women (INMujeres), Mexican Government

  • Mexico

Commitment of National Institute for Women is to promote on-going information campaign on this issue, and to join national and international initiatives in order to strengthen self-care and autonomy initiatives from early education, working hand in hand with girls.

We also commit to promote permanent information campaigns on this issue and join national and international initiatives, including Girls Not Brides. We will promote strategies to generate autonomy capacities for girls and adolescents, from basic education and guarantee their permanence. We will work hand in hand with girls and adolescents, listen to them.

Global Partnership for Education (GPE)

Principales áreas de trabajo

  • Educación

I commit to keep gender equality at the centre of my work and position education and child marriage at the centre of our work at GPE. I will work with other allies like Girls Not Brides and other organizations as individuals to do this.

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