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Encuentre aquí informes, resúmenes de políticas y hojas informativas sobre el matrimonio infantil y las uniones tempranas, así como herramientas de desarrollo de capacidades para organizaciones e individuos que trabajan para poner fin al matrimonio infantil y las uniones tempranas.

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From advocacy to access: targeted political action for change

Developed by IPPF, this advocacy toolkit illustrates actions that you can take to find political solutions to practical problems - obstacles that may prevent you from delivering sexual and reproductive...


Delaying marriage for girls in India. Formative research to design interventions for changing norms

Examines efforts to prevent child marriage in the states of Rajhastan and Bihar and finds that deeply entrenched norms are slowly changing through promising interventions to delay marriage and encourage...

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From research, to program design, to implementation programming for rural girls In Ethiopia: a toolkit for practitioners

Developed by Population Council, this toolkit is meant for those seeking to build or improve programmes for rural adolescent girls in Ethiopia.


El matrimonio infantil y las uniones de hecho forzadas en adolescentes en Guatemala

Este estudio presenta una investigación exploratoria del impacto del matrimonio civil y la unión de hecho forzada de niños, niñas y adolescentes en Guatemala.

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Who Speaks For Me? Ending Child Marriage

Explores trends in child marriage and the benefits of delaying marriage. Examines promising approaches in developing countries to end child marriage and provides recommendations to advance policy and advocacy efforts.


At what age?.. are school-children employed, married and taken to court? – Trends over time

Details four minimum legal ages defined by national legislation of the States Parties to the CRC – on marriage, criminal responsibility, employment and compulsory education – to analyse relevant interconnections....


Preventing early pregnancy and poor reproductive health outcomes among adolescents in developing countries

Aims to identify effective interventions to prevent early pregnancy by influencing factors including as early marriage. Provides an analytical framework for policy-makers and programme managers to use when selecting evidence-based...


Solutions to end child marriage: What the evidence shows

Summarises a systematic review of child marriage prevention programs that have documented evaluations and offers an analysis of the broader implications for viable solutions to end child marriage.

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Programs to address child marriage: framing the problem

This fact sheet explores the issue of child marriage and provides an overview of some promising approaches in Ethiopia, Bangladesh and Guatemala.


Matan Kwarai: Insights into early marriage and girls’ education in Northern Nigeria

This report highlights promising insights that some women are able to continue their education after marriage despite marrying at a young age.