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Encuentre aquí informes, resúmenes de políticas y hojas informativas sobre el matrimonio infantil y las uniones tempranas, así como herramientas de desarrollo de capacidades para organizaciones e individuos que trabajan para poner fin al matrimonio infantil y las uniones tempranas.

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Renforcer la participation populaire dans l'Union Africaine

Développé par Oxfam, ce guide a pour objectif d’aider les organisations qui souhaitent s’engager auprès de l’Union Africaine mais qui ne savent pas par où commencer. Il indique dans les…

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Strengthening popular participation in the African Union: a guide to AU structures and processes

Developed by Oxfam, this guide aims to help organisations that wish to engage the African Union but do not currently know where to start. It provides an outline of the…

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Restoring dignity. A toolkit for religious communities to end violence against women

This toolkit is designed to help equip religious leaders, faith communities and inter-religious councils with the tools to prevent violence against women and girls.


Forced marriage within the Lord's Resistance Army

This report explores forced marriage within the context of conflicts, drawing on the experiences of women and girls who were forcibly married


Before she’s ready: Fifteen places girls marry by 15

Draws on experience and observations of field staff working in a variety of countries and cultural contexts where girls are commonly married before they are fully physically or emotionally grown.…

Adolescent Girl Initiative: resource guide

This resource guide accompanies the Adolescent Girls Initiative, which was designed to better understand what works in helping adolescent girls and young women transition to productive employment. The AGI resource…

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Advocacy matters: helping children change their world

This toolkit aims to provide a full set of resources for those looking to run training workshops on advocacy.


Child Marriage and the Law

Emphasises value of a rights-based approach to addressing child marriage. Asserts that both state and non-state actors must be held accountable under international treaty obligations to combat early child marriage.…

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Ideas and action: addressing the social factors that influence sexual and reproductive health

This report looks at the Social Analysis and Action (SAA) approach and where it has been used to address sexual and reproductive health issues.

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Tools for learning and action on gender and sexuality

This toolkit aims to increase the understanding of gender and sexuality issues for both staff and community members.

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