Menos palabras y más acción! Movilizar a los jóvenes en defensa de la igualdad de género

Un blog conjunto de algunos de nuestros defensores de la juventud y el género con motivo del Día Mundial de la Juventud sobre lo que hay que hacer para reforzar la participación activa de los jóvenes en los espacios de incidencia.

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En el tiempo que has tardado en leer este artículo 101 niñas menores de 18 años se han casado

Cada año, 12 millones de niñas se casan antes de los 18 años.

Es decir, 23 niñas cada minuto

Casi 1 cada 3 segundos

About the authors

Barbrah Namara

Joy for Children, Uganda

Babrah is passionate about advocacy and Sustainable development goals most especially; gender equality, inclusive education and children’s rights and wellbeing. Holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with Education(Secondary) from Uganda Martyrs University (Nkozi) and currently pursuing a Post Graduate Diploma in Project Planning and Management at Uganda Management Institute. She has been greatly involved in the development and review of the National strategy to end child marriage and teenage pregnancy in Uganda (2022/23-2026/27).

Babrah sits on youth coordination committee hosted by the Ministry of Gender, Labour and social development.

Benedicte Kansano

Coalition Nationale pour l’Abandon du Mariage d’Enfants (CONAMEB), Burkina Faso

Bénédicte est membre du Réseau des Jeunes Activistes Engagés Pour l'Abandon du Mariage d'Enfants (JAPAME), émanation de la Coalition Nationale Contre le Mariage d'Enfants CONAMEB, soutenue par Girls Not Brides dans le cadre du projet Education à Voix Haute. Membre de l'Alliance des Féministes 2.0, une nouvelle dynamique qui regroupe 20 jeunes féministes du Burkina Faso pour promouvoir les droits des filles et des femmes à travers les espaces numériques. Membre du Réseau des Jeunes Ambassadeurs de la Santé de la Reproduction et de la Planification Familiale. Point focal de la Facilité Globale de Financement au Burkina Faso pour le Réseau des Plateformes nationales d'ONG d'Afrique de l'Ouest (REPAOC).

Dorinda Odonghanro

Equitable Health Access Initiative, Nigeria

Dorinda Odonghanro is a graduate of Microbiology from Bingham University and a Masters degree holder in Public Health from Lead City University both in Nigeria. She is a first responder for Sexual and Gender Based Violence with Nigerian Non-governmental Organization Equitable Health Access Initiative. She is also a Gender Advocate for the gender-transformative journey in Nigeria under the Girls Not Brides and has been collaborating with and supporting the National Coalition on Ending Child Marriage in Nigeria. She is the founder of the 'I Am A Girl Not Bride Club' in two secondary schools in Nigeria. She is also a member of the Lagal Network of SRHR in Nigeria. She was born and brought up in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria.

Luisa Castro

Girl Up Mexico

Luisa is a proud graduate from Universidad Autónoma de Nuevo León, holding a degree in International Relations. As a student, she co-founded the first Girl Up campus club in Mexico, Girl Up Políticas UANL, with the objective of opening safe spaces within the faculty to discuss issues such as feminism, SRHR, violence against girls and women and other topics. After graduating, she joined Girl Up Mexico as programme and impact coordinator.

Matina Ebri Okpo

African Girls Empowerment (AGE) Network, Nigeria

Matina Ebri is a gender advocate and the Administrator for the African Girls Empowerment Network (AGE Network), a registered young feminine frontline civil society organization that advances the human rights of young women and girls. She is also the Coordinator of STEM Girls Initiative, a movement for gender equality in girls' STEM education and careers. Matina is passionate about adolescent and youth sexual & reproductive health & rights and she is committed to building girls’ agency, skills, bodily rights & autonomy to end child marriage, unplanned teenage pregnancies, and unsafe abortions and ensuring that girls are able to exercise their rights including the rights to participate in STEM education, careers and leadership.

In her role as the administrator, Matina has facilitated and led several gender transformative programming’s in Nigeria that geared at building girls agency, securing adolescent girls sexual health & rights, Girls’ education particularly in STEM, Girls leadership and girls with disability inclusion and child marriage prevention among others.

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