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With our global network of 1500+ member organisations, we can connect the media with experts on child marriage and related issues, and who have knowledge of child marriage programming by country or region. Get in touch, and help us with solutions-based reporting that will contribute to our mission to end child marriage!

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Case studies

Case studies are available on request from the media team. A series of first person stories from girls who have experienced or avoided child marriage can be found in the Articles section of our website. Journalists are welcome to quote from these stories with a link back to the original story and a credit to the organisation that supported the girl concerned.

Child marriage around the world

Child marriage is a global problem. It happens across countries, cultures, religions and ethnicities. Use our interactive atlas to find out more about child marriage rates around the world, the specific drivers and country contexts, and what laws and policies are in place at a national level.

How to end child marriage

Child marriage looks different from one community to the next. Solutions must be local, contextual and integrated. We will make faster, longer-lasting change if we listen to those affected by child marriage and work across sectors and with diverse stakeholders at all levels to end the practice.

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