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Our vision is a world without child marriage where girls and women are able to achieve their full potential in all aspects of their lives. The global partnership is supported by the Girls Not Brides secretariat, through teams around the world. The secretariat coordinates and supports the activities of the Global Partnership in line with our 2017 – 2020 Global Partnership Strategy.

We are now coming to the end of the timeframe for the strategy, and are looking to refresh this to reflect any changes in the movement and ensure that we remain relevant and reflective of our members’ needs. The size and nature of the Partnership has evolved, and there has been significant progress on child marriage, both at the national and global levels. Our membership has doubled in size so this refresh will be important to engage all our members and re-establish a common framework for the next five years for the global partnership.

Girls Not Brides is calling for proposals from qualified consultants to assist in the review and refresh of our Global Partnership Strategy for 2021 – 2025.

Developed in 2016, the 2017 – 2020 strategy has been an important framework for our global partnership, and established shared strategic objectives to guide our collective work is was developed through a consultative process with over 500 members and other key stakeholders. This year’s process will build on consultations with members which took place as part of evaluations of our capacity development support and work to support National Partnerships that were conducted in 2019. Moreover, the secretariat has gone through an internal reflection process in 2019 to define its role in delivering the Global Partnership Strategy. The outcome of this process will need to be reflected in the Global Partnership Strategy as well.

Objectives of the strategy review

  1. To review the 2017 – 2020 Partnership Strategy and ensure it is still fit for purpose for our membership, reflects recent developments in the movements, and remains relevant to guide the collective work of the partnership.
  2. To ensure the outcomes of the Secretariat Strategy process are reflected and integrated into the 2021 – 2025 Partnership Strategy.
  3. To collect stories of (collective) impact and document how members across the world have contributed to achieving the Partnership Strategy goals, and therefore getting closer to achieving our united vision. Case studies and stories will help highlight the important work of our members around the world. These can also feed into our 10 year report/ anniversary celebrations that are to take place in 2021.
  4. To define the minimum impact indicators for the partnership strategy which will be collated annually to document our collective impact
  5. To create important member engagement opportunities, and help ensure there is collective ownership of the Partnership Strategy amongst our members.
  6. To review our Theory of Change on ending child marriage and ensure it reflects recent developments and learning in the field, and remains relevant to our membership.

Working in close collaboration with the secretariat strategy team, the consultant will:

  • Refine research/ consultation questions, together with the Secretariat.
  • Design online and offline consultation tools and methods to gather insights and analysis from members: including developing relevant questions for enquiry, surveys and interview/discussion guides to gather targeted regional/ national analysis and feedback.
  • Analyse online and offline consultation data and present an analysis report summarising findings on review of the strategy, highlighting key insights discovered through the consultation process, and recommendations to the secretariat.
  • Identify possible stories of change/ impact heard as feedback from the members
  • Advise secretariat of key changes needed to Strategy based on member’s input, and present feedback from members on areas we need to focus on.
  • Develop final report on the proposed refresh for the strategy

Input and provide feedback into the new draft revised Strategy.


  • Survey to all members designed and launched, and questionnaires for focus group discussions.
  • Analysis report based on survey answers and focus group discussions.
  • Set of recommendations for the reviewed Partnership Strategy.
  • Draft new Partnership Strategy submitted to the team.
  • Stories identified from our membership to highlight successes in each goal area.


The consultant will begin working with the secretariat by 1 April 2020. Member consultations will take place in the second quarters of 2020 (from April to June) with a draft report on the strategy review presented by early August. Analysis and recommendations must be completed by August, with the final refreshed strategy completed by September. The Strategy needs to be completed by November for Board approval.

Proposal submission

Please submit a brief proposal to by 27 March 2020. Please include the following items in your proposal:

  • Name(s) and brief biography of applicants (be this a single consultant or consultancy firm).
  • Qualifications of applicant.
  • Description of previous experience of key team member(s) in performing strategy revisions/, particularly for a global partnership or membership organisation.
  • Experience in survey design and qualitative analysis and experience using on-line platforms for getting feedback from stakeholders.
  • Proposed methodology and timeline.
  • Your expectations from Girls Not Brides secretariat staff: including meetings, data collection, review of findings, etc.
  • Client references for similar work.
  • Expected consultancy rate(s)/ proposed budget.

Media and Communications Officer

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Assistant in the Latin America and the Caribbean Team

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